Wiyasa Teknologi Nusantara Offers a Comprehensive Information Technology Solution

In this technological era 4.0 the use of Information Technology is something that must be mandatory for all companies. This information technology can enter into every aspect of work, such as in terms of marketing, finance, production and can even be included in the HR management system. If this can be done well, the company will be able to run effectively, efficiently and develop well.

Certainly not easy for companies to manage information technology systems that are quite complex. Starting from having to have human resources in the IT field, procurement of devices that can not be said to be cheap, other dam servers and so on. For this reason, Wiyasa Teknologi Nusantara is here to provide the best solution for companies that want to implement an Information Technology System.

Wiyasa Teknologi Nusantara itself has started working on the market in Surabaya for the past 2 years. Because so far their markets are mostly located abroad. “In the past many companies in Indonesia were still less aware of the use of Information Technology, especially Big Data, but now awareness has begun to use this technology,” explained Arief Darmawan, as Wiyasa Co-Founder. “For this reason in 2019 we are here and working with SAP as our technology partner,” he continued.

To reintroduce Wiyasa Teknologi Nusantara’s gait, then on Friday (8/23/2019) morning, the company has an office on Jl. Imam Bonjol No.120 held an event called Solution Day. The event that invited companies in the city of Surabaya and surrounding areas was held in the Isyana Room, Hotel Bumi Surabaya.

In this event Wiyasa Teknologi Nusantara also introduced SAP as its business partner. In his presentation, Lili Hartono, representing SAP, explained that the company he represented was based in Germany and had been established since 1972. On this occasion, Lili also introduced the SAP By Design platform, which is the latest SAP product suitable for companies ranging from developing to large companies. Lili also guarantees that data from companies that are SAP clients are guaranteed to be safe from leaks.

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