About Us

Company Overview

Unique integration of technology and corporate performance management
PT. Wiyasa Teknologi Nusantara is an enterprise business intelligence (BI) company in the fast-growing market of data analytics. We offer big data integration, analytics and insights solutions within a highly flexible and customizable software application platform using open source architectures with customers ranging from large global corporations to small and medium enterprises.

Founded in 2013, we are currently a team of [over 80] people. We have a presence in 5 markets, with our head office in Singapore and a development centre in Indonesia.

What Can PT. Wiyasa Teknologi Nusantara Do for You

PT Wiyasa Teknologi Nusantara enables automated optimization of sales, profitability, risk and capital across multiple dimensions of performance, allowing management to shift focus to collaborative, real-time action on opportunities and risks.
This enhanced enterprise value created with leading analytics, visualization and insights has resulted in capital efficiency and cost and revenue improvements and furthermore, enhanced ROI outcomes.
PT Wiyasa Teknologi Nusantara’s client-focused approach has resulted in long-term engagement with top Tier 1 clients in the banking and financial sector, oil and gas and retail sectors, among others.