The EACIIT Advantage

Our highly customized functionality drives business value

We provide the unique integration of a ‘technology and management approach’ to performance improvement. What we deliver is an end-to-end toolkit, with automated, actionable corporate MIS and high impact business process applications. Our extensive suite of pre-configured modules facilitate a quick turnaround for the most complex challenges, ensuring an agile go-to-market model. What’s more, our open architecture product platform and application frameworks integrate well with legacy systems.
The corporate expertise of our team spans board room thinking to shop floor requirements, giving us the ability for strong visualization and to manage the platform end-to-end for a client. Our agile, iterative and bespoke deployment combined with customized functionality drives sustained business value for our clients
The EACIIT platform is able to deliver multiple projects in various domains and locations rapidly, at scale.

How The EACIIT Ecosystem Drives Value

A key challenge for enterprises today is the management of very large data-sets, of poor quality, high frequency and from silos. Legacy transaction systems within companies often have rigid data models and lack in relational data. This leads to poor or limited analytics, which is not contextual to business outcomes.

EACIIT pulls together structured and unstructured, internal and external data from multiple sources. The curation and analysis of this data enables the creation of blended, meaningful dashboards for real-time streaming transactions. This data transformation gives dynamic new ways of viewing performance matrices.

The automated and actionable MIS facilitates immediate and continuous insights for predictive and prescriptive analysis with reduced time and cost.

A unique and proprietary feature of EACIIT’s functionality is its web-form. This enables human interaction and intelligent data update while enabling critical process intervention that impacts key decisions and achieves powerful outcomes for enterprises.

What This Means for Our Clients

The EACIIT platform enables automated optimization of business processes – sales, profitability, risk and capital across multiple dimensions of performance. With high frequency analysis, management can shift focus from preparing reports to collaborative, real-time action on opportunities and risks. Further, in mission critical processes, these automatic data updates provide deep insights across the value chain and enable decision intervention by business owners. Digital workflows reduce cost and time cycle of key activities significantly.
The corporate expertise of the EACIIT team ensures a compelling visualisation and an unparalleled user experience. For our clients, the enhanced enterprise value created with leading analytics, visualization and insights have resulted in capital efficiency, cost and revenue improvements and furthermore, enhanced ROI outcomes.