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Enterprise Resource Planning

Cloud ERP is getting more
popular as it’s more
flexible and agile

Our ERP technology is based on SAP
Business byDesign, a cloud-based ERP and
business management software specifically
designed for small and medium-sized

See how ERP help you run and control your business

Integrate all function
Fit to any size of business
Save more time
Decrease operational cost

Cloud-based ERP system supports every essential aspects of a company. It’s accessible
anytime, anywhere, and in almost any device. SAP Business byDesign help business to seize
new opportunities and accelerate company growth.

Customer relationship management

Supports processes from marketing, sales, service, and drive to customer engagement
  • Marketing
    SAP Business byDesign uses personalized customer information for more
    effective campaigns, lead generation and sales team handovers
  • Sales
    SAP Business byDesign gains complete sales force automation and improve
    account management
  • Service
    SAP Business byDesign equips with the tools and insights they need to
    deliver superior service and boost customer satisfaction



This feature enables you to monitor your financial condition real-time, streamline accounting processes, and manage cash and liquidity:
  • Financial and managerial accounting
    SAP Business byDesign enables you to manage accounts for multiple operating units, currencies, and reporting standards
  • Cash flow management
    SAP Business byDesign uses customer and supplier transaction data to get real-time visibility into your cash position

Human Resources (HR)

This feature enables you to streamline HR processes as organization management, workforce administration, time and attendance, and employee self-service

  • Onboarding
    Simplify employee onboarding, giving employees and managers easy access to all relevant information
  • Time, attendance, and labor management
    SAP Business byDesign enables you to effectively manage time, labor, and compensation
  • HR self-services
    Empower employees to self-manage timesheets, procurement processes, and personal information
  • Payroll
    Facilitate payroll processing and take advantages of interfaces for third-party payroll providers
  • Requests and approvals
    Enable you to create and monitor policy-compliant purchase requests and automated approvals


This feature empowers employees with self-service procurement capabilities to save time and costs.
  • Sourcing
    Enables you to maintain a central database of supplier and product information. It’s easier to negotiate better prices and manage multiple supplier contract.
  • Purchasing
    Enables you to streamline your company’s purchasing activities; provide buyers with real-time information.

Project Management

This feature enables you to manage any size of project. It facilitates collaboration and make it easy to manage, deliver, and monitor projects in real time. With this feature, you can improve project management effectiveness, positively impact project delivery, and run projects more profitably

Supply Chain Management

This feature includes improving supply chain effectiveness with better supply-demand matching. Increase flexibility by streamlining collaboration with customers and suppliers.
  • Product development
    Accelerate time to market and meet customer specs
  • Setup
    Help to get a clear view of the supply network and layouts for supply chain modeling Planning and control
  • Planning and control
    Enable you to control material flow
  • Manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics
    Enables you to produce high-quality products, manage production, and automate related processes efficiently
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