Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities introduces a broad range of business requirements from management of source generation and transmission through to end retail customer needs and expectations. With increasing competition for end customers and productivity and reliability demands on wholesale providers, operational efficiency and customer services become increasingly important.
The WIYASA ENGINE™ offers a range of solutions to the diverse data management needs of the Energy & Utilities sector. From near real-time data feeds on individual asset performance, scenario modeling for predictive maintenance to the retail customer online billing analytics, what was simply not possible or requiring extensive systems project work is now available in a fraction of that time and cost.
​ The WIYASA ENGINE™ provides the ability to extract, integrate, map and analyze data from multiple existing systems, with different formats and structures without the typical cost, time and complexity of development on those core systems. Operational and financial performance can then be optimized using scenario analytics plus the ability to then track actual improvement initiatives also.
Middle Eastern Energy Company
  • Data Insights Challenge
    The client was seeking to improve Maintenance Repair and Operations across the business. Complex Operational Data resided on multiple different systems and was very difficult to cross-relate and compare.
  • WIYASA Data Platform Solution
    A Value-Based Management Model and Hypothesis Data Testing Application was developed in 4 weeks to onboard and quickly visualize data from multiple generation plants. Data quality checking was established for information being uploaded to ensure robustness for hypothesis tests.
  • Demonstrated ROI Benefits
    Permitted asset value to be visible and transparent, resulting in over USD $100M of direct savings
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