Best Practice Implementation

Talking about Best Practice for successful implementation, there are many references about this. That’s not to say I don’t attach importance to Best Practice steps. In fact, I strongly recommend all companies that will use ERP or migrate to follow the proven guidelines. Therefore I want to share 2 things that are very important in doing Best Practice. From our experience implementing ERP in companies from various industries, I found that the key initially lies in:

People readiness

Readiness data


Are all employees in your company ready to transform? Not only the IT team and Business Users, but also top-level management. There are many cases where implementation is left to the IT team, and when Go Live, users don’t use it wholeheartedly, and finally top-level management wonders why profits don’t increase. The good synergy between consultants and user will achieve better output from the project.

Similarly with data. You certainly know the term “garbage in, garbage out”. So, do you already have good data quality so that it can be processed properly by the ERP application?

If you can fulfill the two things above, then ERP implementation can be done much faster. In fact, the fastest record for SAP Business ByDesign implementation was 4 months.

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